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Geoff's Errand







and Shares,

Hairstyles and Cosmetics, and Buenos Aires Consult.




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Geoff's Errand Service continued

" A little of everything"


11. Research and Information

If you don't have the time to do the searching we will check out the internet and our contacts to find whatever you are looking for.

Cost: U$S 7 per hour.

Payment: in advance.



12. Special Day Reminders (Argentina only)

It's Thursday and you just realized that  your anniversary  is in two days! You have nothing planned. We can handle the arrangements for you without a glitch. Let us know what you have in mind and we can arrange a wonderful surprise at the snap of a finger.

Cost: U$S 7 per reminder.

Payment: in advance



13. Banking Needs   (Argentina only)

Don't have time to go to the bank during your busy day.  Call on us to assist you in your banking needs.

Cost: U$S 4 per bank run.

Payment: in advance.



14. Reservation of Golf tee times, Wake up call / Reminder Service  (Argentina only)

Cost: U$S1 per each service.

Payment: in advance.



15. Domestic Travel Services.  (Argentina only)

Let us make all the arrangements, reservations, ticket pickups and  delivery to home or office.

Cost: U$S 4 per reservation.

Payment: in advance.



16. Travel and Home Assistance Services (Argentina only)

"24 hours a day for: travel information, shopping information, entertainment information, tourism information; tourist guides; passport offices; car rentals; hotels; embassies and consulates; hospitals; pharmacies on all-night duty (within Federal Capital); travel agencies; and doctor and ambulance services, buses, routes, underground, trains.”

Cost: U$S 5 per each service.

Payment: in advance.



17. Taxi and Chauffer Taxi reservations. (Argentina only)

Cost: U$S0.17 per reservation.

Payment: in advance.



18. Tax payments  (Argentina only)

Cost: U$S 4 per each tax payment.

Payment: in advance.



19. Courier/Delivery Service (Argentina only)

Same day pick up and delivery of packages and documents. Delivered in set time, when you want them to be there. We confirm ALL deliveries upon arriving at destination. (Federal capital and Greater Buenos Aires )

Cost: U$S 8 per package/document.

Payment: in advance.




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