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Hand Analysis



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Hand  reading analysis report

Lines of the hand can reveal your character and help to predict your future. They can also guide you to the road of success. The principal lines studied in Chinese astrology are the life line, head line, heart line, fate line, line of success, and line of marriage.



If you are interested in a palm / hand reading analysis please carefully scan either your right hand if you are a right-handed person or your left hand if you are a left-handed person. Also separately scan the little finger edge of the hand. Put the cover over your hand. It is essential that you do not press your hand down too firmly. Too much pressure will flatten your hands and remove evidence of the lines and dermal patterns. Then send as a jpg or gif attachment to and for a cost of US $ 5 I will send you a hand analysis reading of your predominant hand.


Please remember that an excellent copy in jpg or gif format will allow for an excellent quality reading.


Also donít forget to scan the edge of the little finger side as well and to mention in the email which hand, left or right. Thank you.


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