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The Submittal and/or Submission of Websites

This is a complete web site analysis and submittal package to enhance a web site's content, ranking, popularity, and submit it to over 21 of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Altavista and hundreds of the smaller ones which deliver results through them. 

We actually show the submission result pages from each search engine!  There is also a set of built-in tools including: analysis, keywords, popularity, ranking, ping, and advertise to enhance a web page's listing. 

The analysis tool scans a web page's content for meta-data, vital content which search engines categorize a web page by. The keywords tool scans the top 5 search engine results to suggest for you their winning keywords. The popularity and ranking tool both provide a means to measure traffic for a web site. The ping tool checks a web server's connection status. The advertising tool provides additional promotion services, including 48-hour listing in the AOL and Microsoft Network.

We only require a web site address and an email address to begin submittal. We then submit the URL to search engine spiders, which automatically parse the web page to pull out keywords and meta-data.

With the keywords tool, we can actually view the keywords used by your top 5 competitors which we will send to you. You can then take your pick of which keywords you feel work best and save them directly into your own web page. Instant meta-data creation has never been easier!

The major search engines direct over 85% of all web traffic. Submit your site once per week to achieve and maintain optimum rankings today!


Local currency

Full analysis and submission of one url.................................Pesos $ 15

Full analysis and submission of between 2 and 40 urls.......Pesos $   7.50 per url

Full analysis and submission of more than 40 urls...............Pesos $   3.00 per url


US Dollars

Full analysis and submission of one url.......................................US $ 5

Full analysis and submission of between 2 and 40 urls.............US $ 2.50 per url

Full analysis and submission of more than 40 urls.....................US $ 1.00 per url

Here are just a few examples of the type of software used to submit your web site to the search engines:

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