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All prices are net. There are no additional charges.


For payment, please go HERE  or to "Payment." The minimum purchase by credit card is US $3.00.


All the Email Lists are .TXT files. You can open these with: Microsoft Word, Word Pad, Notepad, o any other program that reads .TXT


The cost of sending the original purchase order again because of loss owing to the update of your computer, operative system, or because of virus, repair, crash, etc, is 50% of the total value of your original purchase order.

In the event you do not have bulk email software with which to send the lists, then we can offer you twenty-five tried, tested and functional software programs for this purpose. The details and costs of each program can be downloaded here.


1. Partial Quantity Costs


2. Costs of a particular Continent


3. Costs of a particular Region

please send an email to with the number and quantity required in the case of "1" and the continent and/or region in the case of "2 and 3", and we will send you the cost for the quantity, continent and/or region  that you require.



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