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Instant Headlines










Instant Headlines



Instant Headline Creator


For just US$ 1.90, you can include up to 30 different products by separately answering questions one through to four for each and every one of the thirty products to obtain a selection of 150 headlines for you to then select and use the best one or ones. If not then for US$ 5.00 you can buy Instant Headline Creator and do it yourself.

Question 1: What will your product help the customer do ( the general benefit)?

(My product helps the customer to …….)

(start an internet company, lose weight, earn a degree, make more money, save more money, etc)

Question 2: How quickly can you help the customer accomplish this goal?

(Include the # and the timeframe as shown in blue in the examples)

(3 minute solution to …., in less than 24 hours, ….in just 30 days, etc.)

Question 3:  What are the expected results of reaching this goal?

( include a specific amount (use $ if needed) and the type ( save, make, lose) as shown in blue)

(…..and Save $2,000,……and make $15,184 in 30 days, You can lose 15 pounds in……., etc.)

Question 4: How many steps or tips are you giving your customer to help them?

(Include the # and type ( steps, ways, secrets, etc.) as shown in blue in the examples)

Download Headline Creator questionnaire HERE


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